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Samwel Mahela Bio


News Presenter

As a news presenter, I have experience in sourcing news stories, creating scripts, working with Directors, carrying out interviews, managing and working with editing teams to ensure the correct editorial decisions have been implemented.

While studying in the UK I have also presented for BBC Swahili, publishing news pieces which include ancient corals found along the Galapagos Islands and the amazing achievements of others, for example on Tanzanian born Prudencia Paul who received an MBE Award from Princess Anne in Windsor Castle in 2023.

Live Coverage

As well as TV presenting, I have experience in presenting live coverage, for example in the death of the 5TH Tanzanian President The Honourable John Magufuli.  I have also filmed live with political leaders and running elections in both Tanzania and Kenya.

Public interest programs

I have experience as a lead producer and presenter, creating topical public interest programmes that focus on leadership and private corporation.  Areas of interest are, corruption, economical development, election and the community development of Tanzania’s poorest areas telling the stories and challenges of citizens, i.e. infrastructural development in dispersed areas.  These programmes involved ministerial interviews to the highest level.  In this role I was responsible for the managing the research, fact checking and formulation of the programmes.

Progressing my career

My goal for progressing my career is to work for a news agency that promotes global, respected news.  My aim is to be part of a news agency that promotes fact checked research, and supports the creation of public interest programmes, i.e. news and documentary.  Having over 10 years-experience in creating and presenting the news and having studied a UK Degree in journalism I intend to take my career into a leadership role.

I am inspired by success and quality, my education, training and experience, the additional knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence in studying in the UK has motivated me to want to bring that into a news agency that wants to offer the best professional expectations to its audiences.

Some of my professional interests include;

·       The production of public interest documentaries

·       The production of daily or weekly news series that are underpinned by free speech and the public’s right to know

·       Professional decision-making roles that target national and international audiences

·       Working with news agencies that work within the true ethics and values of journalism

·       Producing fact checked, evidenced based news

·       Live reporting in war zones or natural disaster


Historical background

I come from a news background where TV News Stations aim to achieve the best news coverage possible and to keep citizens informed, but in coming to the end of my BA Hons in Journalism degree, I recognised that my experience and learning could also be of benefit in the leadership roles within TV.  Having experienced working with the BBC, Voice of America and other African news agencies, and extending my knowledge of best practice and governance through my professional learning, I have greatly enjoyed developing professional ethics and values that focus on quality and truth.

I will always be interested in understanding and promoting the why, what, where, when, how and who within media management and for that also includes aspirations in leadership.

You can find a summarised CV here and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more or interested in working with me.

Samwel Mahela Bio
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