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Samwel Mahela - Online News

As a journalist extending your creativity in writing newspaper articles is very important. Not many people know this but creating headlines is a skill that not every journalist has, in fact newspaper agencies employ people who only do this and earn a very good income.

As a journalist we have a responsibility to consider marketing, creating headers that will attract readers. It is a challenge, but I have learned how important it is to extend myself and that in journalism, maintaining your creativity, thinking outside the box is a consistent need in all areas of journalism.

Due to my experience, I have written various newspaper articles through various media outlets in the UK, including Africa Wesh News. It has given me a great opportunity to learn from the professionals around me who have chosen to specialise in news writing, giving me a broad understanding of newspaper and online publishing.

AFRICA WELSH NEWS in Wales invited me to write for them on the MBE Award for Prudencia Paul Kimiti.

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