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Firstly, about the workers' strike.

There are some effects that occur due to the presence of workers' strikes, including the following:

This story describes the strike of the workers who went on strike here in Cardiff complaining to the Government about the rise in the cost of living and thus using that method of strike to pressure the Government to solve their challenges that they claim they have been complaining about for a long time including the increase in wages to face the challenges of rising costs of life.

Other reasons mentioned by the workers are unfair wage disparity between top management and lower-level employees, mistrust between the employers and employees as well as poor working conditions.

Despite these few reasons disruption, people may choose to work from home where that was not previously possible, or change the timings of any personal travel plans, where possible.

Students are unable to continue their studies due to the strike of their teachers which is said to affect many students including international students who pay a lot of money to get an education.

Patients are unable to get treatment due to doctors and nurses being part of the strike.


Secondly, it is a TV story about planting trees.

in response to climate change, the community should be encouraged to plant trees in abundance in their areas. Despite the Welsh Government funding directly supporting 2,416 hectares which corresponds to about 4 million trees for the year 2021/2022 but the effort to plant trees through various environmental stakeholders working under the National Forestry for Wales should cooperate and continue to provide education to the community in the issue of planting trees in abundance to deal with this climate change disaster which has become a disaster for various countries in the world. The TV story I did explains in detail.


Thirdly, the problem of depression in society.

The problem of depression has been seen to be very big in the society, I followed this in detail and found this out, but despite people happy needing more treatment from professional doctors, society should also require showing love to those with these problems so that they feel happy. So, my radio story tells about advice on that problem.

Fourthly, the rise in the cost of living caused pain to people.

 A radio story in which people with a low standard of living, various businesses raised their voices in different areas of Cardiff City complaining that the standard of living is high, which causes people with a low standard of living to be unable to afford the cost of living, including buying important things. Not only that but also businesses complain about the lack of customers in their businesses and thus request the Government to find a way to look at the possibility of solving the challenge of the rising cost of living because it has been a pain for many people.


Fifthly about Krishna religious traditions.

The belief of this religion, which originated in India, believe that creating a culture of love to sing and dance makes people happy in life and reduces to some various challenges such as stress. Although this event takes place in various streets of Cardiff City, many people are attracted by this culture of singing and dancing.


Sixthly, challenge of international students.

It is a TV story about the challenges international students face in the journey to fulfil their dreams in terms of education. The story I made talks about the challenges that have been seen to torment some students, including the challenge of the weather, getting used to and adapting to the environment that sometimes occurs in their countries.

Despite these challenges, the benefits that international students get while studying here in the UK also make some of them even have to continue with Life here in the UK after their studies.

Seventhly, African woman in leadership.

The story explains the challenge that exists in Africa countries that still have negative attitudes that woman cannot be a leader, especially in high leadership positions.

Therefore, from the information above, it explains about the stories I made which if you watch and listen to them will enable you to understand various important things.

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